Polar Challenge

3103 Paper Mill Road Wyomissing, PA 19610   |   Mon, Feb 15, 2021, 8:00am-6:00pm


  • Venue is in Berks County, right off of route 222. This location will bring together great competition from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Maryland.
  • Beautiful indoor facility that has 2 turfs and plenty of room for spectators and teams! In addition, it has onsite concessions.
  • USL Certified Officials on all games
  • Professional staff on each field keeping score and all will have a direct line of communication to all tournament staff.
  • Great opportunity for school teams to get in some pre-season competition and for club teams to stay competitive in the winter months.

Game Details

  • Small sided 7v7 format; 6 Field players and 1 goalie; 4 players on attack and 2 plus the goalie back behind the restraining line
  • All teams guaranteed at least 4: 20 minute games
  • Running clock with a central horn; no timeouts
  • Championship Format
  • All teams MUST have a GOALIE to participate


  • MAX of 14 players/team; MIN of 10 players/team
  • Rosters and waivers will be submitted electronically; further details to follow
  • All players must be USL members. Their membership numbers will be captured during the registration process.


  • Senior A – Current Seniors (2021s) and Juniors (2022s)
  • Senior B – Current Sophomores (2023s) and Freshman (2024s)
  • Middle School A  – Current 8th (2025s) and 7th Graders (2026s)
  • Middle School B – Current 6th (2027s) and 5th Graders (2028s)
  • No-one who has graduated high school is permitted to play in this event


Important Note: A and B represent age groups NOT level of play


Teams will need to choose the Age Group/Division that represents the oldest player on your team. Teams must play up to this oldest player, they can NOT play down. When scheduling, we will group first by age, then level of competition to help ensure the most fair and competitive match-ups.


Tournament Contact: Caroline Gray-caroline@ultimateeventsandsports.com




3103 Paper Mill Road Wyomissing, PA 19610